Mr. K.N. Balaji .,B.E.,M.S.
Industrial Expert.
III Cell,Co-Ordinator

    In order to bridge the gap between Industry – Institution this cell provides a platform for the students and faculty to have a liaison with industry. The III cell will act as a bridge between institute, industry and the real world. It encourages students, faculty and technicians to interact with industry in all possible ways with the idea of clearly understanding the present day industrial processes.

  To synchronize the quality of education to meet the current trends and needs of industry.
  To produce employable students i.e., “Industry-Ready students.”
  To create adequate facilities for upgrading knowledge of professional engineers and technologists
  To meet the growth and developmental needs of the current industry.
  To integrate industrial training and other inputs to develop students.
  To share the experience and expertise between institutions and industry for mutual benefits.
  To improve students, faculty, infrastructure, pedagogy in line with the industry's requirements.
  To arrange Industrial visits & Internships for students and guest lectures from industry experts.

Internship Partners

Activities at Student level:

Arranging industrial visits for students to make them equip with the practical and industrial      knowledge.
 Participation of students in industrial project works.
Encouraging the students to participate in Summer Training programs, Short–term /Long term      Internship programs at various industries.

Activities at Academic level:

Conducting workshops, conferences, seminars, guest lecture programs with the participation of      Industry experts.
Conducting department wise Industry Advisory Board meetings every academic year to review and      inculcate the skills required by the industry.
 Publishing Technical research papers in collaboration with Industry experts.

Activities at Institution level:

 Providing funds to organize workshops, seminars and conferences in collaboration with industries.
 Signing MOUs with leading industries for providing Training for the students.
 Providing financial assistance for executing industry oriented real time Projects.